Sunshine Art began nearly 12 months ago when it was decided that our community would benefit from art based classes for children. We felt that mainstream education was missing an important and beneficial element of “hands on mess” and creating for the sake of creating, and often parents just didn’t know where to start and we wanted to fill that gap. We run weekly art classes at our amazing ocean view art space at Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre as well as holiday workshops and the infamous Sunshine Art Arty Parties .
At Sunshine Art we have found that open ended activities that ignite the imagination are the most popular. By providing excellent materials and facilitating rather than instructing, our artists gain confidence in their own individual ways of expressing themselves artistically in any way shape or form that they chose. There is no right or wrong answer at Sunshine Art, only creating and fun.


2 Responses to About

  1. rosie9652 says:

    Brilliant work, you are the greatest

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog – it gave me the opportunity to find yours:) I love all the amazing art actvities you have shared, very inspiring, thank you!

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