Messy Fun – shaving cream marbling


We love using unexpected materials at Sunshine Art, and Shaving Cream is just one such material. Kids and adults love to play with the smooth, growing, glossy foam. Its a great medium for paper marbling and produces amazing individual results.

‘Messy’ and ‘fun’ – two words that kids love to hear together! And this activity is just that!

What you need:

  • a tray
  • a spatula or piece of cardboard
  • shaving cream
  • a skewer
  • paper
  • liquid food colouring in a variety of colours


Step 1.  Spray a good amount of shaving cream into the tray.


Step 2. Have a play in the shaving foam – see how good it feels!


Step 3. Use your hands to smooth the foam over so it’s relatively flat on top.


Step 4. Drop your colours onto the top of the foam – just adding small dots and splotches


Step 5. Use the skewer to swirl the paint around to create a cool design. It doesn’t matter if the colours blend together a little.


Step 6. Lay your paper down on top of the design and leave for a few seconds.




Step 7. Remove and let it sit for about a minute.

Step 8. Gently wipe off the shaving cream with a spatula or cardboard – it leaves the pattern behind. We carefully washed the paper to remove any excess shaving cream. Leave it to dry.


 Once our shaving cream marbled paper was dry, we used it to cover our sketching journals.













































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2 Responses to Messy Fun – shaving cream marbling

  1. gigglygoo says:

    looks great for little ones too. Would be fun for them to clean up afterwards too!

  2. Emily says:

    This…is really great

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