Edible Art -YUM

IMG_1508There is always pleasure in eating what you make and when its sweet and crunchy and pretty – there is not much better.


We bought some delicious biscuits (cookies) from Ikea but you could definetly make your own and then set about decorating them with Royal Fondant Icing. Again you could make this but we purchased this one.

You also need

baking paper to work on

extra icing sugar to prevent the icing from sticking to your baking paper

rolling pins and cookie shapes and cutters

gel icing tubes

silver cachous

small bowl of water

We showed our artist how to add a very small amount of food colour and to knead the icing to mix it thoroughly and how to mix and marble several colour together.




It was important to very lightly brush the icing with water and apply the biscuit to the icing a press softly – this allowed the icing to stick to the biscuit


Adding  gel icing and shiny cachouls just made the works of art.


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