Bleach Festival

The Southern Gold Coast is so fortunate to host the amazing Bleach Festival

bleachbleach beastman

Bleach* brings together high calibre artists from around Australia and the Gold Coast for a 13 day celebration of music, photography, arts, theatre, film, ideas and lifestyle events. Bleach’s home is the world famous beaches and foreshores of the Southern Gold Coast combined with major venues within the region. The largest Festival on the Gold Coast, based on its geography, Bleach* will grow as a celebration of surf & beach Culture, delivered through a contemporary arts program.

It rained and poured and storm but credit to the organisers – the show went on!

Art in the Park – pop up gallery

bleach conatinersbleach conatiners

Art in the sky – Kirra Kite Fest

kite fest

Art in the surf – Ralph Riddell


Music, Markets, Performances, Fashion, Lifestyle – Strange Fruit


Thanks Bleach for a great fest!

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