Coloured Rice

Coloured Rice Just For Fun!

IMG_5866Sunshine Art Classes are primarily for School Aged Children and at present most of the students are not younger than 9 but.. I often find that the simple hands on activities that are enjoyed in preschool are really so much fun for older kids. Coloured Sensory Rice is just that activity. The directions are simple and achievable in a short time and the experience endless.


White Rice

Food Colouring

Rubbing Alcohol ( I have tried with white vinegar and it works too)

Ziplock Bags

Paper Towels

coloured riceMethod

Place the 1 cup of rice into each ziplock bag or a bowl add a couple of drops of food colouring and equal amounts of rubbing alcohol ( this quickly dries the colour on the rice). Mix the colour through and lie on the paper towel to dry – less than 1/2 hour

coloured rice 1

Then use the beautiful sensory coloured rice as desired

IMG_5868I would love to try something like this Indian Folk Art called Rangoli

rice art

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2 Responses to Coloured Rice

  1. Dion says:

    I Love (You)r work!!!

  2. Sudha Balaji says:

    . Coloured rice – it is a good idea. It can be used to make a beautiful rangoli!

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