Lanterns alight!

The Tweed Lantern is an annual event in our local area that co incides with the Tweed River Festival celebrating the diversity and beauty of our surroundings

Held in spring each year, the River Festival is an opportunity to share and discover some of the secrets of the Tweed River and coastal estuaries.
It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the issues affecting the shire’s waterways and what can be done to address them.

Again this year Sunshine Art was able to join in the celebration with hundreds of others in the beautiful Lantern Parade. We ordered the Lanterns from a local commumity based arts organisation Light n Up but next year we might try to make the lanterns from scratch.

We were provided with lots of coloured tissue shapes to paste onto the lanterns but we also encouraged our artist to experiment with patterns, water colour paint and other collage materials. The results were truely beautiful and individual lanterns that looked spectacular along the boardwalk of the parade.

A special thanks to all the families that participated in a great community event.

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