Dream a little dream…


Dream Catchers have a long history in the Native American history but also in the minds of children. We used the idea of a traditional dream catcher and customised it with our own imaginations.

What you need

  • a hoop – embroidery hoops are good or look around craft stores or hardware stores to find something suitable. I found it needed to be quite stiff to allow the wool and string to be wound across it
  • scraps of wool and fabric and pipe cleaners
  • bells and beads
  • feathers

Simply wind the strips of fabric and pipe cleaners around the hoop to cover it and then wind the wool across the hoop in any direction you wish. This is quite an unstructured activity, some used a little wool and others used a lot. Add bells and beads as you go. Create a tail using fabric and wool and attach as many feathers as you like.

My favourite part of the activity was encouraging the children to write their dreams to place in coloured envelopes attached to their dream catchers

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