Edible Art – mmm mmm!

Here’s a yummy twist on painting your self portrait!

clean paintbrush

melted chocolate or ice cream syrup (strawberry and caramel) in a small cup or ramekin


dinner plate

This painting is a real treat!

  •  Begin by looking at your face in the mirror.  Examine the shape of your face, how close your eyes are together, the thickness of your lips, the shape of your eyebrows, how your hair sits around your face, can you see your eyelashes, are there any lines, dimples or freckles on your face, how would you describe your nose?
  • After you have looked at the details of your face, begin by painting the shape of your head, add your features such as nose, eyes, mouth, hair, eyebrows etc.
  •  Don’t forget to keep looking back at the mirror so you can paint what you see.
  •  When you are finished EAT IT!!!


  •  The cheap plastic paint brushes with nylon brushes work best with chocolate
  • Chocolate can stain clothes so wear an apron!

Don’t forget to take a photo and show and tell us about your Yummy Chocolate Self Portrait.

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