Good Clean Fun

With inspiration from The Swell Festival and a need for some textural fun our Art Group had some good clean fun! A little cake of soap goes along way!

Soap is an easy medium to sculpt  and carve and gives a great satisfaction because it something that is both creative and usable, and we love usable art!

We used both cakes of soap and Lux Pure Soap Flakes (available from supermarkets) and house hold items for carving tools. Plastic knives, forks, toothpicks and vegetable peelers work really well for the cakes of soaps

The Lux Soap Flake mould really well by adding a small amount of water at a time to a playdough type consistency.

We used natural food colours to paint our sculptures and now proudly display them in our bathrooms!

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One Response to Good Clean Fun

  1. I’ve just seen some more great soap sculptures on
    We’d love you to post your creations!

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