Hippy Dippy Tie Dye ( tie dye with Sharpies)

This is a fantastic activity we have done with a variety of groups from 5 year olds to adults and everyone loved the results! Its simple but really effective with only a few materials.

  • Something white to Tie Dye ( we used Calico Book Bags from www.calico-bags.com.au)
  • Colourful Permanent Markers
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Methylated Spirits (we bought our Rubbing Alcohol from a hairdressing supplier, it smelled better than the Methylated Spirits)
  • Plastic Cups
  • Dropper
  • Rubber Bands
  •  Preparing the Bag
Place cups, open-side up, underneath, securing with a rubber band to act as a ‘frame’.  We used three cups at a time to begin
  •  Design your Tie Dye
Using your favourite colours,to make designs on each ‘frame’.  This is a creative process, some used stripes, others used spots and they all ended differently.
  •  Add Alcohol

Use the dropper to add a small drop of  alcohol at a time to the center of each ‘frame’.  Take your time and don’t use too much as the alcohol will continue to spread for a while after it is added.


  • Wait (but not for long!)

You need to wait for a few minutes to allow the alcohol to dry.

  • Dry and Set
After a few minutes you can remove the cups and rubber bands.  Its really important that you set your Tie Dye but ironing with a hot iron to prevent it from running when washing

Have fun with this activity and we’d love to see your Hippy Dippy Tie Dyes!

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2 Responses to Hippy Dippy Tie Dye ( tie dye with Sharpies)

  1. thanks – we’d love you to show us you Sharpie Tie Dye creations!

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