Crazy Creatures


One of my favourite activities with kids is being creative with food and these Fruit and vegetable sculptures are fun for any age. 

* a variety of fruit and/or vegetables (you can also use some dried fruit such as sultanas and apricots)

* toothpicks or kebab sticks (cut into a variety of lengths)

* a sprinkle of imagination and you will be amazed at your edible creations!

* If you have very young children you may wish to cut the fruit and vegetables into a variety of interesting shapes and sizes for them to use.

* Older children will be happy to cut up their own fruit and enjoy designing the shapes for their sculpture.

* You can cut the kebab sticks and toothpicks into a variety of shorter sizes with some kitchen scissors.

Let your imagination run wild and create crazy creatures with wobbly legs, bulging eyes, and sharp teeth.  Give your creatures wonderful names and enjoy the opportunity to explore adjectives such as spikey, pointed, smooth, colourful, lanky, crooked, tiny, curved and lumpy.

Don’t forget to take a photo to show and tell us what you made!

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